I have just built a new website. duanemoyle.com . My original website was in need of a facelift and I have always been uncertain how to contextualise the two branches of my art practice, the personal and the commercial, so I have now separated them into two sites. duanemoyle.com will have my fine art, the work I do for my own artistic development, addressing themes, images and issues I find important and interesting. moylepainting.com will now serve as the site for my commercial work and will display portraits, landscapes, cars etc as well as information on prints and tutoring.

Now I can direct Galleries and curators to duanemoyle.com and those with more conservative requirements to moylepainting.com . For a long time I have been unsure of where I stand in relation to the conceptual vs decorative debate. I enjoy making work for people with specific subject and style requirements and it has been a steady source of income. (artists have to eat) But I know if this was all I did I would shrivel up and die inside.

http://duanemoyle.com   (click on link to the left)

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