My recent work is motivated by sincerity. Honest reflections of my interests and desires without the irony or cynicism that I have at times felt necessary.  It acknowledges my enjoyment of the craft and traditions of painting and challenges “Art for Art Sake” and the trend toward suppression of visuality. It is an indulgence in goodness, beauty and humility; both as personal beliefs and acceptable standards for art.
The flower paintings are objects of domestic pleasure and address the distinctly human inclination for pattern, rhythm, and structure.

Current work is exploring ideas of craft, decoration and the domestic context of art.  Geometric structures are over-layed with translucent images of flowers to explore pattern, rhythm and traditional ideas of beauty and visuality. I am also working on landscape images that delve into the history and cultural significance of the geography as well as addressing my connection to Western traditions of landscape painting. This is a continuation of an interest in the craft and traditions of painting, exploring the ideologies of historic modes of painting and questioning the the place of those values in contemporary culture.